Bare-Ground Weed Control

Unwanted vegetation, or weeds,  are not only an eyesore but they can also become a fire hazard. If you have areas you don't want weeds to show up, we can help. We'll use a combination of a well-timed application of pre-emergence herbicides, then follow that up with monthly visits to spray any weeds that do emerge.  And there will be a few.

For best results the pre-emergence herbicides need to be applied before the weed seeds germinate, typically late winter or very early spring. A second pre-emergent application may be necessary in late spring / early summer,  depending on the types of weeds targeted. Treatments need to be incorporated into the soil through rainfall or overhead watering.

We can help you control weeds in driveways, RV parking sites, fence lines, steep banks and even flower beds. But, to repeat, it's very important that the products be applied and watered in prior to the weeds showing up.  

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