Spring Tips

Dormant Treatment Make it tough NOW for summer pests!

Our late spring dormant treatment on your trees and shrubs can really help you get a head start on controlling destructive insects. Thousands of eggs, laid last fall, are waiting for warmer temperatures to begin respiration, hatch and continue their life cycle. Their purpose is to harm your landscape. Our spray solution suffocates those eggs. It also helps fight diseases encouraged by mild temperatures and rainy, overcast days. In addition, when conditions demand, we include an insecticide that controls many pests that may have already hatched. This targeted preventative treatment is the most important application of the year.


Make Every Drop Count

When it comes to water, it’s important to make every drop count. Green Baron can help you do that. Our pre-season irrigation tune-up assures that you get the most out of your sprinkler system. We’ll run through the timer, make sure it’s functioning properly and install a new battery. Then we’ll examine the system running, making sure all sprinkler heads and valves are working properly. If we discover any needed repairs, we’ll bring them to your attention and provide an estimate. No repairs will be made without your approval. Because sprinkler systems malfunction, leak and break, and our climate changes significantly during our watering season, Green Baron recommends periodic, thorough sprinkler system checks, at least monthly April through September. Call us, we can set you up on a schedule.


Your Turf Is Hungry! Feed It!

Lawns do not shut down completely over the winter (unless you have the wrong type of grass). Even if you fertilized last fall, your turf can still definitely use some nutrition now. Not only that, but now is the right time to apply crabgrass control on your lawn to help prevent that "garbage" grass from ruining the look of your fine turf later. By restoring vigor and eliminating competition in your lawn, you'll see fewer weeds. Still, this time of year, dandelions and other unwelcome broadleaf weeds show up in many lawns. Our spring lawn treatments address all of these concerns. A balanced fertilizer, crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control are the best chance your lawn has of winning the battle against the long hot summer.


To Prune Or Not To Prune

Before you prune, you need to know the “what”and the “why” to help you determine the when. Generally, light pruning, like the removal of dead branches, crosses, rubs, misdirected branches and some shaping can be done most any time. When it comes to flowering trees and shrubs, pruning can affect the bloom so the timing is important. Now is a good time for trimming evergreens like arborvitae, junipers, yews, boxwoods, and the like. It’s also easier to thoroughly prune, clean up and shape many deciduous trees like birch,maple, sycamore, oaks and others because they haven’t leafed out yet. Some of those species may “bleed” at their cuts, but that’s natural, not harmful and will stop.