Summer Tips

Dog Days

As the summer has heated up we've seen it take out it's wrath on many landscapes. There have been stressed trees and shrubs as well as turf. We need to remember that, just like us, our landscapes need to drink deeply to beat the heat.  Just as important,however, is to let the soil dry a little between watering. This practice,especially in the spring and fall, will encourage deeper roots that are then able to withstand the heat much better than their shallow counterparts. So,while this may not fix your problems right now, it can at least explain some of what you're seeing and give you a way to help your plants and turf in the future.

We can help!

In addition to heat stress, we are also dealing with quite a few pests.  From sap sucking aphid and spider mites infesting our trees and shrubs to grubs chewing up the lawns, it can seem there is no way to win.

But we can help! Let us identify and eliminate your pests.