Turf Disease

A word or two about turf disease.

Fall is the time to consider some cultural turf practices that can reduce the possibility of grass diseases next spring & summer. Many turf diseases are directly stimulated by specific conditions in the soil over the winter months.
Insulated, moist soils can nurture disease pathogens like a mother hen does her eggs.
Leaf and snow piles left over the winter can create a disease host environment in our lawns. Grass, mowed too tall at the end of the season so that it lies over during the winter, also develops disease friendly conditions. We recommend that your last two or three mows be at least one setting below the normal“taller” mow height we suggest for the hotter summer months.
Raking your lawn soon after leaf drop & snow melt can also reduce winter’s negative effects on your lawn. Core aeration is an excellent way to open up the soil profile for better water drainage & absorption, giving the grass a chance to breath. We can provide you with a free aeration estimate.