Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

When it comes to fertilizing, trees & shrubs often get forgotten or neglected. Many people simply are not sure how to fertilize them, with what or when. We'll take the guess work out of tree & shrub fertilizing for you. We can survey your landscape, make recommendations & use the right kinds of fertilizer at the appropriate time to help you get the most out of your landscape ornamentals.

Deep-root fertilizing

Mid-late fall we strongly recommend deep root feeding for your trees & shrubs. A deep root fertilizing involves injecting the fertilizer & other nutrients straight into the soil where the roots can pick it up & carry it throughout the plant as it emerges from dormancy the following year. This method replenishes your plants “food bank” & enables the plants to greet the new season stronger,  healthier & better able to take on next summer’s heat, wind & pests. We’d be happy to discuss this with you & provide a free estimate for this & any other of the services we offer.

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