Tree & Shrub Pest Control

For all the care and attention you give your landscape plants it's upsetting to suddenly find they've become hosts to chewing, sucking, boring and otherwise damaging insects. At Green Baron one of our goals is to prevent that from happening.

We've put together tree and shrub pest prevention programs that gives your plants a fighting chance against the the seasonal onslaught of aphids, thrips, mites and many other damaging pests. We're also able to come on site and help identify existing problems and prescribe treatment if it'll help. 

Our "Silver" program includes a dormant oil/fungicide application early in the season, followed by three insect control cover sprays at six to eight week intervals throughout the season.

With the "Gold" program we also include a foliar fertilizer application, usually applied between late spring and early summer.

The "Platinum" program includes all the above plus a fall application that helps control over-wintering adults and smothering eggs laid later in the season waiting to hatch come spring.

In some cases, especially for certain types of large deciduous trees, we may recommend a root-zone or plant injection, for more effective, season-long pest control.

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