Get the watering season off to a good start by having us start-up and thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system. 

Our sprinkler technicians will turn on your water, re-install any back-flow prevention device you may have, test for leaks and run the system making sure that the controller, valves and sprinkler heads are all operating correctly.

If we find anything wrong, we'll let you know and be available to repair the problems once you've authorized us to do so.


Let us help protect you and your home from a spider invasion.

Spring is here. And with it, all manner of creepy crawlies are waking up. We can help keep them from coming into your home by applying a structural pest barrier to all entry points of your residence.  Call us to come give you an estimate or schedule a "spider barrier".

Now is the time to treat your lawn for crabgrass.

Crabgrass is an annual grass so it can be controlled with the use of pre-emergent herbicides. Timing is very important to any success in crabgrass control. Most pre-emergent herbicides that do control crabgrass should be applied in the spring and watered in thoroughly in order to set the herbicide barrier that will control the crabgrass seeds as they germinate.

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When you team up with Green Baron, you've partnered with a neighbor. Locally owned since 1985, we've grown up and learned our lessons right here in the Yakima Valley. That experience has taught us what it takes to properly maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape in Central Washington's climate. 

More importantly, we're continuing to learn what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our promise to you is that we'll make every effort to see that your experience with us is a pleasant one.

Is something wrong with your trees?

Do you have a tree or shrub struggling?  Looking sad; less than it should? Does it have small leaves, look yellow (chlorotic), or stunted? Most landscapes have trees that are struggling. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Typically plant problems are caused from overcrowding, out growing their site or not being planted in the correct site to begin with.  We may be able to help.

If you have a problem tree and are wondering what’s wrong, or if something can be done, give us a call. Sometimes it’s simply a lack of nutrients. We have a number of different products that we have used successfully and with excellent results! We may not solve all problems, but we would be happy to come out and see if we can help. Call us for a free consultation.


Bare Ground Weed Control

If you have areas you don't want weeds to show up, we can help.

We can help you control weeds in driveways, RV parking sites, fence lines, steep banks and flower beds. If you would like more info please contact us.

 Mowing giving you pains?

Give us a call and

let us give you a hand.

Save yourself the time, expense, disposal and overall hassle of mowing your yard. With Green Baron you’ll get consistent scheduling, communication with our mowers and dedication to a premium job. We recognize the importance of things like the relation of mowing height to heat, changing mowing patterns to minimize compaction, tire rutting, the grass always laying in one direction, and crisp, maintained edges. Our professional mowers are one part of a coordinated team that can provide fully comprehensive landscape maintenance plans for both residential and commercial properties. It doesn’t hurt to ask. We’ll schedule a meeting at your convenience and estimates are always free.

Call now for  a lawn mowing estimate!


Think Before You Plant

Things to consider...

Your trees are for a lifetime. We tend to become attached and sentimental about them. Selecting the best plant(s) to begin with, planting in the proper location and giving proper care will help ensure a long and healthy life for your plant(s).

Before you buy your tree make sure your choosing the right one. If it has a specific purpose make sure you choose wisely. Is it for shade, privacy or windbreak? Is there enough room for it to grow? Will it get into power lines, a sidewalk or foundation? Is it in a shady area or full -sun?

Some trees are extremely messy, producing fruit (cherries, ornamental plums), pods (aspen), whirlybirds (maples) or drops small branches (willows).    Are they prone to insects like aphids & bronze birch borer, or to  disease? These are some of the questions you want to keep in mind when you are shopping for your tree.

At the nursery, look for plants with healthy roots and good color. Don’t accept a plant with a broken root ball, circling roots or if they appear to be root bound. Carefully remove the pot or burlap and gently spread out roots. Always give your plant a good watering immediately after it is planted. We also suggest using a starter fertilizer or "B-1" to get the plant(s) off to a good start.

Putting mulch down around your new tree will help insulate roots from heat and cold, retain moisture in the soil, reduce weeds and provides a buffer from mower and line- trimming damage (which is one of the most common ways to kill a tree). Be sure not to put mulch down too heavy as it can interfere with the trees ability to breathe and exchange gases. Also keep mulch away from the trunk of the tree. If it pushes up against the trunk the mulch can retain moisture and that can promote disease development.

Overwatering is a common mistake, especially with drip systems. After the tree is established water deeply as needed, generally a slow drip, soaking the soil 8 to 12 inches and allowing the area to dry out between watering, as you would with a houseplant. Watering everyday over a period of time your tree could develop surface roots, root rot or what is referred to as “wet feet”. This can cause damage and possibly kill your trees or plants.

Make sure you know the proper time of year to prune your tree. Its is a good idea to start shaping your tree and pruning out any crossover or rubbing branches while it is still young.

These are just some of the problems that we see when we are on landscapes. Many of them could be avoided.

If  you have any questions regarding your landscaping please give us a call.


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    Creature Features

    Ants can be difficult and frustrating to control. Spraying simply eliminates the worker ants. That's not effective because they've left a trail and others will follow or new paths will develop. You must kill the queen. But there can often be more than one nest and more than one queen.

    There are several types of effective baits, but it's not easy to determine which one the ants will be attracted to. Sometimes multiple baits are required. Ultimately the baits must be brought back to the nest, and the queen, to get complete control. Ants do have a beneficial purpose. They feed on decaying plants and animal matter. We recommend control when they become a nuisance or destructive. When that time comes, call us, we'll take care of that for you.


    Earwigs like to feed at night. They're attracted to moisture, decaying material and eat most anything. They can be beneficial since some of their common foods are aphids, scale, dead insects and other debris. There often found under things, like sidewalks, patios, ornamental bark and heavy thatch layers in lawns. Try to keep areas around your home's foundation dry and clean of debris. Downspouts and flower pots are also a favorite hiding spot. Spring and summer are the best times to apply control. Call us; we know what to do.