When you team up with Green Baron, you've partnered with a neighbor. Locally owned since 1985, we've grown up and learned our lessons right here in the Yakima Valley. That experience has taught us what it takes to properly maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape in Central Washington's climate. 

More importantly, we're continuing to learn what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our promise to you is that we'll make every effort to see that your experience with us is a pleasant one.

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All of us at Green Baron are concerned for the environment. Our families live here too.

That's why choosing the proper materials and using them in the safest manner is very important to us.

Our licensed, trained applicators, using quality equipment, make careful, precise treatments. We have an excellent safety record, and Green Baron is a licensed contractor, insured and bonded.

Professional, responsible care of your landscape and our environment is our number one priority.


As a company that takes care of your landscape, you can count on us to apply the correct fertilizer and pest control products at the right time. In turn, we count on you to properly water and mow your lawn. It's important that we work together as a team.

Put us to work for you. You'll find the landscape greener on your side.

Lawn Care:

A lush, healthy lawn enhances a home like nothing else and gives the owner a feeling of pride. Green Baron will beautifully maintain your lawn, giving you time to play or relax and enjoy.

Sprinkler Programs:

Green Baron can design and install an automatic sprinkler system tailored to your lawn and landscape's needs. We can also help you with your existing system.

Tree & Shrub Care:

Not sure what or when to prune or spray? Green Baron's tree and shrub experts can take care of it all. Our regular pruning, fertilizing & insect-control programs will help your trees and shrubs flourish.

Bareground Weed Control:

No more weed pulling! Green Baron eliminates ugly weeds that can overtake your landscape. We offer total vegetation control for driveways, industrial sites, parking and storage areas. We can also help to control weed infestations in flower beds, juniper beds, hedges and pastures.