When you team up with Green Baron, you've partnered with a neighbor.

Locally owned since 1985, we've grown up and learned our lessons right here in the Yakima Valley. That experience has taught us what it takes to properly maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape in Central Washington's climate. 

More importantly, we're continuing to learn what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our promise to you is that we'll make every effort to see that your experience with us is a pleasant one.


As a company that takes care of your landscape, you can count on us to apply the correct fertilizer and pest control products at the right time. In turn, we count on you to properly water and mow your lawn. It's important that we work together as a team.

Put us to work for you. You'll find the landscape greener on your side.

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All of us at Green Baron are concerned for the environment. Our families live here too.

That's why choosing the proper materials and using them in the safest manner is very important to us.

Our licensed, trained applicators, using quality equipment, make careful, precise treatments. We have an excellent safety record, and Green Baron is a licensed contractor, insured and bonded.

Professional, responsible care of your landscape and our environment is our number one priority.

Dormant Treatment:
Make it tough NOW for summer pests

Our spring dormant treatment on your trees and shrubs can really help you get a head start on controlling destructive insects. Thousands of eggs, laid last fall, are waiting for warmer temperatures to begin respiration, hatch and continue their life cycle. Their purpose is to harm your landscape. Our spray solution suffocates those eggs. It also helps fight diseases encouraged by mild temperatures and rainy, overcast days. In addition, when conditions demand, we include an insecticide that controls many pests that may have already hatched. This targeted preventative treatment is the most important application of the year.

Let us help protect you and your home from a spider invasion.

Spring is here. And with it, spiders and other creepy crawlies are waking up. We can help keep them from coming into your home by applying a structural pest barrier to all entry points of your residence.  Call us today to schedule an estimate for a spider barrier.

no matter the mess, we can clean it up and haul it off.

Curb appearance is one of the first things your customers see. We want to help you make that good first impression. 


To prune or not to prune 

Before you prune, you need to know the what and the why to help you determine the when. Generally, light pruning, like the removal of dead branches, crosses, rubs, misdirected branches and some shaping can be done most any time. When it comes to flowering trees and shrubs, pruning can affect the bloom so the timing is critical. Now is a good time for trimming evergreens like arborvitae, junipers, yews, boxwoods, and the like. It’s also easier to thoroughly prune, clean up and shape many deciduous trees like birch, maple, sycamore, oak, and others because they haven’t leafed out yet. Some of those species may “bleed” at their cuts, but that’s natural, not harmful and will stop.



Your Turf Is Hungry! Feed It!

Lawns do not shut down completely over the winter (unless you have the wrong type of grass). Even if you fertilized last fall, your turf can still definitely use some nutrition now. Not only that, but now is the right time to apply crabgrass control on your lawn to help prevent that "garbage" grass from ruining the look of your fine turf later. By restoring vigor and eliminating competition in your lawn, you'll see fewer weeds. Still, this time of year, dandelions and other unwelcome broadleaf weeds show up in many lawns. Our spring lawn treatments address all of these concerns. A balanced fertilizer, crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control are the best chance your lawn has of winning the battle against the long hot summer.

Now is the time to treat your lawn for crabgrass.

Crabgrass is an annual grass so it can be controlled with the use of pre-emergent herbicides. Timing is very important to any success in crabgrass control. Most pre-emergent herbicides that do control crabgrass should be applied in the spring and watered in thoroughly in order to set the herbicide barrier that will control the crabgrass seeds as they germinate. 



Hard pan soil?
Sloping lawn?

Core aeration is probably one of the single best things you can do for your lawn. Removing small cores of soil from the turf helps reduce compaction and improves the ability of grass roots to expand into the soil, producing a stronger plant. The holes allow for better water and fertilizers uptake and also improve air exchange.

Our local soils can contain a lot of clay and be very compacted. We recommend core aeration annually. It's well worth it!







Get Scheduled for Your Sprinkler Start-up

Our irrigation specialist will  turn on your water, re-install any back-flow prevention device you may have, test for leaks, run your system, and make sure that the controller, valves and sprinkler heads are all operating correctly. If you would like an estimate, please call us or fill out online estimate form here.

Make every drop count

When it comes to water, it’s important to make every drop count.  Our pre-season irrigation tune-up assures that you get the most out of your sprinkler system. We’ll run through the timer, make sure it’s functioning properly and install a new battery. Then we’ll examine the system running, making sure all sprinkler heads and valves are working properly. If we discover any needed repairs, we’ll bring them to your attention and provide an estimate. No repairs will be made without your approval. Because sprinkler systems malfunction, leak and break, and our climate changes significantly during our watering season, Green Baron recommends periodic, thorough sprinkler system checks, at least monthly April through September. Call us, we can set you up on a schedule.

Bareground Weed Control:

No more weed pulling! Green Baron eliminates ugly weeds that can overtake your landscape. We offer total vegetation control for driveways, fence lines, steep banks, industrial or RV sites, parking lots and storage areas. We can also help to control weed infestations in flower beds, juniper beds, hedges and pastures.



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